Freelance Agency

About Freelance Agency - Internet Marketing Company Pvt. Ltd.

Freelance Agency provides complete business development solutions to expand businesses globally. Our major services include Graphics & Design, Online Marketing and Management, Web Development which in fact, a Complete Branding Solution for your business.

The best quality of work is our emblem in field. We always design custom work and provide complete copyrights of design with reverse imaging search engine report.




Our core values are to provide our worthy customers, the best possible way to grow their business according to Laws of World wide Web & terms of search engines. We also hold the responsibility to provide your business solutions by following all the business ethics.


We always prefer to provide 100% satisfaction to all our clients. We always take care of our clients as Royal. That’s why we serve them all services under one roof with perfect sequence in an organized manners. Our top priority is to achieve Wow! from our worthy customers.


All services at freelance agency network are design to provide the best quality to our customers. We always design custom work and provide complete copyrights of design with reverse imaging search engine report. In this way, you can register your design.


Our mission is to provide our customers the best quality services with cost effective solutions for their business branding. Create their unique brand recognition with designing and marketing.


Our Vision to use the resources in sustainable and eco friendly way to boost your business with higher leads and long lasting sales. Our ultimate target to take your business to next level brand.

Our Hierarchy

Freelance Agency team hierarchy is designed according to the 1 pizza policy. Different teams consisting of 4 members are works on different projects. All the teams have their own team leader, who communicate & guide them to meet new challenges. There are 2 major Departments which works to provide competitive results.

Our marketer department develop & run effective projects like Affiliate Marketing Program & Brand Ambassador Program. Also Conduct specific training sessions to optimize the team potential.

Production Planning & Control depart organize the teams & their work. Develop the future plans to increase the capacity and to optimize the potential. Create job satisfaction and Mold the activities towards the achievement of Organizational goals.

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