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Graphic Design Skills Development Training Program 2022

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Freelance Agency offers the best ever graphic design trainings to enhance your skill set to make to able to earn money as a freelancer, Virtual Assistant and Agency owner.

Graphic Design Skills Development Training Program 2022

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What you will learn?

Vector Graphics
In vector graphics, you will learn complete Business brand identity design using Adobe Illustrator CC version.
Raster Graphics
In raster graphics, you will learn photo editing, retouching, product packing and 3d modelling using Adobe Photoshop CC version.
1 Months Hands on Practice 
In the last month, you will projects, assignments and different tasks to complete. You will prepare your portfolio and start working with clients.

Explore Complete 3 Months Curriculum Guide!

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How to Make Money from This Course?

You can earn money to work as a

1. Employee / Virtual Assistant
2. Freelancer
3. Project Manager

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